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Hambúrguer grelhaHambúrguer grelha
Summer Grilling Is Here!
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Sam Anthony and Santina
Let's Get Acquainted

Let's get to know each other. We'll come for a visit at your home and discuss things like what you like to eat, how much you eat of each food group, how many people eat, and how big is your freezer! We'll also want to know the weight and thickness you like your cuts of meat

All About You

Based on the info your give us during our visit we work with you to custom tailor a Pronio's food package to suit your family's meal plan and diet. Everything from start to finish is about the highest quality meats for you and your family.

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Your Order

Your order gets placed and we keep your file at the shop and a running balance of meat coming your way! Call us any time and place a delivery! You'll never have to shop for meat again! We'll  make sure you get your product as fresh as possible - call  us when you're ready for delivery!

Healthy Fresh Cut Meat

We make eating healthy easy and delicious. Our meats are delivered, 
right to your doorstep as you need.

All Natural, All the Time

We maintain strict standards to deliver meat that has been cut fresh and individually packaged

Our Meats

Customized Meat Delivered FOR ALL MEALS AND TASTES





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Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood

We make eating healthy easy and delicious. Our meats are delivered right to your doorstep as you need, when you need..


Quality of Pronios Meats
Customize a plan that is right for you

Tell us about your personal goals and dietary requirements.


If you’d like to speak to us first, we’d love to hear from you.

Prefer to talk directly to an expert? Give us a call on:

Local (412) 798-4400

Father's Day Specials!

(4) thick cut delicious T-Bones (3 whole, or 6 half) Baby Back Ribs (4lbs) of Beef Kabobs
(20) Chicken Breasts (10) Hamburger Patties
all for just $174.99!